Honey Lemonade

For a gallon of some of the best and purest lemonade you ever did have:

💧 10 cups filtered water (I used @berkey_filters )

🍋. 2+ cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice depending on your tartness level of enjoyment. I go about 2.25-2.5 cups depending on the lemons tartness

🍯  1 cup of raw organic honey. Local would be even better

🤏🏼  A nice pinch of @redmondrealsalt fine salt for minerals, electrolytes, and because a sneaky pinch of salt makes almost everything taste even better

Stir or be extra like me and use an immersion blender 💁🏼‍♀️

Chill and serve.

Note: this effectively gets you out of active shed building. In case that applies to you too. #schoolshed You’re welcome.

Even lemonade can be A Little Less Toxic™️

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