Snicker Dates

Damien really wants to reenact a snicker commercial where I need one of these to turn back into me … but when will that even happen? I’d really like to make that happen, but I can’t make you wait that long for this goodness.

1. Open a date and remove the pit if it’s there
2. Fill with whatever nut or seed butter you like
3. Add chopped nuts or sprouted seeds
4. Cover with melted chocolate
5. Sprinkle with salt
6. Pop in the fridge to set. Use the freezer if you’re in a hurry or like them frozen.

Ooey gooey chewy peanut buttery sweet salt deliciousness that’s pretty dang nourishing too.

I like @jooliesdates @hukitchen chocolate @thrivemarket organic PB in the squeeze bottle and sprouted cashews

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