Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken in the Instant Pot

This is so easy and it comes out so delicious and tender and juicy every time.

Prepare and season your bird well. I love to mix it up but often just cover the whole thing inside and out with @redmondrealsalt organic season salt. Maybe some dried or fresh herbs if I’m fancy. This one got some.

In a big enough Instant Pot to fit your bird:

🍗  Add the insert rack that came with your Instant Pot
🍗  Pout in a cup of water
🍗. Add in your well seasoned bird

Pop the lid on and lock it. Set the vent to “seal.” Press the “poultry” button or set to 30 minutes regular pressure. Manual or auto release. Either is fine. Remove your perfectly cooked and delicious chicken. Carve and do whatcha want. I save my carcass for making #alltbonebroth later.

Today our one chicken will make 3+ dinners for us. I froze some to be used at a later time. And will make 6+ quarts of bone broth.

See my stories today for an ingredient breakdown of a very popular rotisserie chicken. Also saved to my “Chicken” highlight where you can also find some great cost comparisons and other info.

It’s super easy to roast in the oven too and I also used to make a whole chicken in the slow cooker. Whatever works for you.

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