The Age of Convenience

Several decades have been dedicated to convenience. In many forms. Fast farming. Fast food. Kill 99.9999999% of life with one grab and go wipe. Drive thru everything. Food at the push of a button. A pill for every ill. Single use everything.

We’ve traded so much for what seemed like a convenience. Many in my generation and younger are so unfamiliar in the kitchen, they feel intimidated to even attempt to prepare their own food. We are trained to read nutrition facts and ignore ingredients. We have been led to believe all bacteria is bad. We are too busy to make our own food. We have a population that is quick to pop a pill and try and make a symptom go away rather than find the cause and heal their body.

We’re also facing the sickest generation in the history of this country and many others. Chronic illness is at an all time high. Autoimmune conditions are rampant and growing. Mental health is at a critical low. We are overfed and undernourished.

What seemed convenient has made the lives of many painful, uncomfortable, and more challenging than it probably has to be. It has created quite an inconvenience.

It is about time we turn this back around. It’s a movement and I am here for it. You’re helping turn this tide too. We’re making a difference. Let’s spend more time in our kitchens. Let’s read ingredients. Let’s vote with our dollars. Let’s educate others. Let’s keep finding freedom for our bodies. Let’s listen to our symptoms. Let’s balance our microbiomes. Lets teach the next generation how to nourish. How to cook. How things work in beautiful and complex systems synergistically. Let’s just keep growing. Together.