Valentine’s Day Treats & Sales

Treats can be a little less toxic even on special occasions. Here are some of my favorite treats and goodies for any time that would make great gifts for a special someone on your list.

No dyes. No artificial colors. No mystery fragrances. No phthalates…

Just better ingredients. That’s a better treat for someone you care about, anyway. And they’re all just GOOD.

I’m going to link my discounts below to make it easy for you to shop.

Honey Mama’s:

Hu Chocolate: 10% off with the code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC

Made Good:

Skout Bars: 25% off right now with code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC

Thrive Market: FREE gift when you become a member through link. Can purchase the Yum Earth candy, Unreal candy, Lesser Evil Popcorn, and Hu chocolate bars through Thrive.

Wild Made: