Media Mentions

My YouTube Channel

I’ve started to add my videos to the A Little Less Toxic YouTube channel, with the latest being my testimony I shared on stories. I’ll continue to add the rest of my content here very soon.

Podcast w/ The Homegrown

Approaching the “crunchy lifestyle” with grace instead of overwhelm. Tune in to hear my approach to product selection and why subtle changes matter for our overall health.

Podcast w/ Kindled

I share my story of learning what was in my food and how to read ingredients. We discuss the ditches to avoid on both sides of the “clean living” conversation and how to approach it from a Christian perspective.

Podcast w/ Balancing Chaos

Discussion of my health journey and finding hope through alternative solutions, the overuse of antibiotics and the impact it can have, elimination diets and how they can heal the body, & how to start a less toxic lifestyle.

South Bay Magazine May 2023

Page 26 of the issue – Inspiration to increase your well-being through ‘A Healthier Home’ and discussion about how the book is a reference guide to eliminate the common yet toxic things in our daily lives.

Domino Magazine May 2023

Interview on what it takes to detox the home. I recommend swapping things as they wear out or run out. A big one that would have instant impact would be cleaners as well as an air filter to quickly improve indoor air quality.

House & Home Magazine May 2023

Article on my book, ‘A Healthier Home’ to create a less toxic home of sustainable living spaces. The four takeaways are investing in a Hepa filter, using a produce wash, avoid glues, and buy eco-friendly pillows.

Camille Styles Magazine May 2023

Article on how to reduce the toxins in our homes and to take small steps forward that work for you. The place I recommend starting would be with food and your kitchen as things run low find a better option to replace it with.

Relatable Podcast w/ Allie Stuckey

Discussion on my health journey, how I learned to build a less toxic life and my approach to simple swaps. We talk about the “crunchy” movement and why the “all or nothing” mentality can harm rather than help. 

Podcast w/ Daily Wellness Podcast

Discussion on four steps for A Healthier Home, pursuing progress and not perfection, having grace with ourselves as we strive to better our lives and homes with my ALLT approach – Access, Let go, Level up, and time.

Podcast w/ Fruitful and Fearless

Discussion on how I got started, my health journey from Taco Bell on my wedding day to now and the changes I’ve made along the way, and why these swaps are even important and why we should care about them.

Podcast w/ Ask a House Cleaner

Discussion on how I overcame chronic sinus infections and migraines by changing what I ate and use in my home. I also share how we can identify signs that our homes are making us sick and tips to improve indoor air quality.

Speaker on How She Grew

Discussion on organic growth and authenticity in your business. Get access to virtual trainings from Shawna and over 30 other women entrepreneurs to grow your skills, your profit, and your brand.

Podcast w/ Depths of Motherhood

Discussion on what are toxins and how they can impact us. Toxins can be sneaky so we must read labels to uncover where they are hidden. Ways to support our bodies natural detox pathways and reduce our toxin burden.

Podcast with Dr. Stephen Cabral

Discussion of how I came to A Little Less Toxic lifestyle and how it can be sustainable without the overwhelm and excessive expense. We talk about the book and all it encompasses and how it came to be.

Dr. Axe Article Mention

Dr. Axe discusses his top 50 favorite health and wellness influencers to know and follow in 2022 and beyond. I’m honored to be mentioned in this list with so many great people that I love and look up to as well.

Podcast with Dr. Ingels

Update on my Lyme health journey and how I put the pieces of my health puzzle together with the help of Dr. Ingels. Food and ingredients played a huge role in my healing and we discuss the importance of these too.

Podcast with The Juna Women

Discussion about how to get started on the journey to creating a life that’s a little less toxic and I also share my top three tips that you can start implementing today. The small things add up and have big impact.

Article Interview in Chalkboard Magazine

Discussion about my wellness journey, what led to my interest in nontoxic living, my passion, as well as tips and tricks to get you started on your own journey of living well.

Podcast with The Doctor Mom

In today’s episode, she will share with you how she uses Active Skin Repair with her family and why she loves to share this great company with her large following of avid moms who want to live a little less toxic! 

Live Detox Q&A with Dr. Cabral

What is toxic overload? What’s the rain barrel effect? What is detox? Who should detox? Who shouldn’t? Why? How? When? What? Dr. Stephen Cabral hangs out with us and answers some of our biggest questions.

Podcast with Let's Sleep On It

Discussion about living a little less toxic: Why does it even matter? How do we keep it from becoming overwhelming? Where do we start? How to get your kids and spouse on board? These are some of the topics we go over.

#moldfinders: RADIO

Discussion about how we can all reduce the toxic load in our homes through our cleaning products, marketing buzzwords to avoid, navigating the big toxin contributors, scent alternatives, & simple bedroom changes.

Podcast with Health Forward

Discussion about how making simple changes over time drastically improved my health and why the ingredients that we put on, in, and around our bodies matters. I gave practical ways to start reducing the toxic burden.

Podcast with Real SOULutions

Discussion about my health journey and how I started an elimination diet. Detox has been a huge componenet of healing for me so we talked about how we can support the body’s detoxification process and be less toxic.

Mold chat with Brian Karr

Brian shares about how to understand, assess, and address mold in our living and working environments. Effective inspection and remediation is possible. He helps understand the what, the why, and the how. 

Live Q&A with Dr. Ingels, ND

We discuss acute and chronic Lyme disease. How to prevent, what to look for, potential symptoms, next steps, and so much more. We even touched on mold and mycotoxin toxicity for a sec, but more on that another day.

Q&A with Dr. Vivien Chen

Dr. Vivian Chen at Plateful Health answers the most frequently asked questions about her new program, Detox Right. This course provided me with a wealth of knowledge on how I can detox my body safely.

Podcast with The Brain Possible

Discussion about my journey, practical tips for how to clear up toxins within your home, nutrition and a clean diet to reduce inflammation and illness, and of course we talked about toxic burden and mouth taping.

Podcast with Better Me

Discussion about my journey and how I got started to make my life less toxic. I share everyday tips for replacing toxins in your home with healthy alternatives and nutrition and the huge role it plays. 

Interview with Kim Lewand Martin

Kim is a passionate protector of our Earth and shares small “eco-habits” to change the world in big ways. She interviewed me wondering how my journey started and I gave some simple tips to help you get started too.