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Does keeping a little less toxic kitchen overwhelm you?

Are you struggling to get dinner on the table at night?

In this book you’ll find my signature one-small-step-at-a-time approach—this time to maintain a less toxic kitchen that aligns with your values. I have included a full basics chapter with shopping guides and all my little tips and tricks. As you dive deeper you can find over 75+ of my recipes that you’ll surely recognize, all compiled into one accessible place with actual measurements. This is my gift to you however no one uses my books more than me so it’s also for me.

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Three Free & Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

Three Free & Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

Making your home and life healthier doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to cost you more time, money, or energy than you can reasonably spend. In fact, it shouldn’t. Creating and maintaining a healthier home and life should always be done with balance and...

The Wellness Collective

The Wellness Collective

I’ll not soon get over this event. If you would have told painfully shy, 7-year old me that I’d speak on a stage in front of 600+ people one day, I’d probably have hid. If you would have told 20 year old me that I’d speak about faith and healthy living I’d have...

A Supplement is NOT a Substitute

A Supplement is NOT a Substitute

CBD can be a support but it’s not going to heal your trauma or fully regulate your nervous system. Vitamin D drops are a poor replacement for real sunshine and foods like whole raw milk, salmon, sardines, organ meats, and egg yolks. Omega 3 capsules will never match...



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