ALLT Crunchwrap

I’m the girl who made her bridesmaids stop at Taco Bell in full hair and makeup on the way to my wedding venue to get my crunch wrap with 10+ packs of mild sauce fix. But haven’t had a bite of any of that kind of stuff in just about 10 years now. Bless @sietefoods for making a burrito sized tortilla so I could make me a GF version with other real food ingredients.

You’ll need:
A burrito tortilla
A taco tortilla
A crunchy tostada (I make my own with a corn tortilla in the oven with a little spritz of avocado oil on both sides and let it crisp up at 350° for about 10-15 min)
Whatever fillings you have and want, layered

Today I filled mine with leftover refried beans, @raw_farm_by_op raw cheddar, @organicvalley sour cream, @foodforlifebaking tostada, guac, @primalkitchenfoods spicy queso, tomatoes, and micro cilantro.

Warm up your soft tortillas to make them more pliable
Stack everything on you burrito tortilla with the crispy tostada near the center. Cover with a soft tortilla. Fold the edges up and over. Warm the whole thing on the folded side down to help seal it up. Drizzle that thang with a bunch of @fodyfoods taco sauce. Enjoy.

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