Family Style Charcuterie Board

I love that this is such a thing right now. It’s truly easy to put together and can add such a special pop to any event. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion either. This was our family lunch one day this past weekend. Protein, healthy fats, fruit, fiber, ferments, veggies… it had it all and was all #alittlelesstoxic

It’s all about mixing up shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Fill your board to the brim. And have fun. I try and keep items less likely to roll near the edges as a barrier and build from there. Paying attention to spacing out colors and textures to make it visually appealing. Try dried and/or fresh fruits, nuts, different things to stack or dip with, various cheeses, spreads, dips, jams, crunchy veggies… have FUN! And try and pick items that will nourish as they delight. I’ll tag what I can. Our cheese was from Raw Farm by Organic Pastures, meats organic and/or uncured and nitrate free, #grainfree Simple Mills sea salt crackers, Barnana plantain chips, Bubbies pickles, organic fruits and veggies, Kite Hill Chive dip, Trader Joe’s Cashew Kale Pesto dip, and Majestic Garlic Spread all with minimal and clean ingredients.

I’m a big fan of a cheeseboard or charcuterie if you fancy. Colors, textures, flavors, galore. Make it fun. Make it colorful. Make it nourishing. Keep it clean. Use what you have. They’re so simple and they feel special! We do this for lunch sometimes even just at home for us 4 and it’s always a fun experience. The kids love it and get some power over creating plates too! Have serving utensils at the ready. Enjoy.

On my instagram post the brands are tagged on the pic if you’d like to know that info. xo

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