Freezer Meals

I want these to be large and easy for the recipient. Not something that needs to be washed, stored, and returned. Aluminum and plastic are not #alittlelesstoxic and I still use them for this because it’s what works and what I can do. I need these to be able to feed multiple people for at least one night. The goal is convenient nourishment here. Do what you can with what you’re able and as it makes sense for you.

✨ Label the containers with contents and instructions for defrosting, heating, and serving. I like to make notes of ideas for what to serve the meal with
✨ Remove as much air as possible from any storage bags after they’re filled and before sealing
✨ Smooth out and freeze flat on a baking sheet

These are the meals I made in this batch:

  1. #alltbolognese x3. Use one portion for the lasagna. Freeze the rest.
  2. #alltlasagna with the bolognese 👆🏼 + @jovialfoods lasagna noodles, #alltcashewcreamsauce and topped with @miyokoscreamery mozzarella
  3. #alltpineapplecurry Serve w/ fresh mung bean sprouts and cilantro and topped with rice or cauli rice
  4. #alltsweetpotatochili soaked + cooked chili beans and all the other ingredients, uncooked, to two freezer bags, gallon size. Labeled them 1of2 and 2of2
  5. #alltmexicanstew All uncooked ingredients in. Seal and freeze.
  6. Fajitas = 1.5 pounds marinated skirt steak cut into thin strips + about 1/2 cup #alltsalsa , a couple bell peppers and an onion, thinly sliced. A separate bag for #alltrefriedbeans (not yet smashed but could be) and labeled the bags “Fajita Night” “1 of 2” & “2 of 2.”
  7. #alltchimichurri 2 bags: 1 with the sauce & 1 for the slow cooker w/ a pound of ground beef, a diced onion, 3ish cloves of minced garlic, a diced bell pepper, and a bag of frozen cauli rice. Label instructions: add diced tomatoes, thawed chimichurri sauce, & cooked noodles.
  8. #alltshepherdspie ground turkey w/ cumin + smoked paprika to make it a smoky turkey version. Cooked it and prepped it in a covered casserole pan. Labeled with contents and baking instructions on the top: 350° for an hour.

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