Instant Pot Vanilla Extract

What you need:
6 quart or larger Instant Pot
The trivet insert
1+ cups of water
Vodka, bourbon, rum, or other alcohol of at least 70 proof, or food grade vegetable glycerine works too
Good condition pint size mason jars with lids
Vanilla bean pods

I used grade B vanilla beans as they tend to have less moisture and so may be a better choice for extracts. I used organic vodka I found at Whole Foods.

✨ For every cup of alcohol, 2-3 vanilla bean pods.
✨ You can make up to 3 pints at once.
✨ In each pint jar I put 5 vanilla bean pods, halved and split open.

Cut the vanilla bean pods in half if they’re long so they can be fully submerged in your jars. Split them open lengthwise with the tip of a knife or kitchen shears to expose the vanilla beans. I left the very end in tact to hold the pod together. Add the vanilla bean pods to your jars pour in your vodka or other extracting liquid to the lower thread or fill line of your jars. Finger tighten your lid.

In the instant pot, insert your trivet. Add a cup of water or so. I added a bit more to cover my trivet. Place your closed jars on top of the trivet. Close the instant pot and set the vent to sealed position. Pressure cook for 30 minutes. Allow a full natural release at the end of cooking. Let the jars cool to the touch before handling.

You can use your extract immediately. I prefer to allow the beans to continue infusing for a little longer. Another day or up to a couple weeks. Just move the whole closed jar to a cool, dark place. You can leave the bean pods in indefinitely to continue infusing or strain them out but move your extract to dark amber glass jars or bottles for storing or gifting.

I remove my pods and allow them to air dry a couple of days. Once they’re dry I add them to a jar of salt or a jar of coconut sugar and give it a shake every once in a while. One full bean for every cup of salt or sugar is plenty but I don’t measure. After a day or two, I’ve got vanilla salt for granola, popcorn, hot cocoa, fudge, #alltvegancaramel , sweet potatoes, and all. the. things. Or vanilla sugar for whatever the heck too!

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