Pearberry Pie

GF Pie Cheat: Pearberry Pie

Not the prettiest pie pic but who even cares? Not me. This was DELICIOUS. I want to save this here because I will be doing this again. And again. And I’m saving this here for me as much as you.

I bought a pack of 2 GF pie crusts with the cleanest ingredients I could find. These are by @whollywholesome and they were yum.

I made a filling by warming up in a small saucepan:

1 Tbsp @miyokoscreamery vegan butter
1 Bag frozen organic raspberries
1/2 Bag frozen organic strawberries
4 pears, coarsely diced
1 Tbsp Coconut Sugar
1 tsp Ceylon Cinnamon
1 heaping Tbsp Tapioca Flour near the end of cooking well mixed in

Pour the filling into one crust. Brush a little egg yolk or even just water around the rim. Put the other crust on the top of that one but inverted. Gently press to seal together at the edges. I brushed mixture of melted @miyokoscreamery vegan butter with a little ceylon cinnamon across the top. Cut a couple slits in the top crust. Bake at 350°for about 45 minutes. Let cool and then put about half right on my plate. Thank you.

I got the idea for this when I saw @andreabehe_livingthecleanlife make a pot pie by just inverting a crust on top of the filled one. Life changed. I never get to have pie and it’s my favorite dessert! Besides brownies. And creme brûlée.

Get creative with those fillings and have fun.

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