Ranch Water

This is how I make a Ranch Water ✨

Rub some lime around the rim of the glass. This glass is a double walled mug and it’s the biz.
Roll the juiced up rim in some fine @redmondrealsalt or some chile lime salt.
Add ice 🧊 🧊 🧊
Pour in 1-1.5 shot of tequila. I recently found an organic tequila called Ixá by @greenbardistillery
Pour in 2 shots of lime juice
Top with plain sparkling water. The Texas way is typically topo Chico but I’ve switched to @mountainvalleywater because it’s #alittlelesstoxic and delish.

That’s it! Customize and tinker with the amounts to your liking, of course. This is just my JAM! Light and refreshing.

I just got a bottle of @ritualzeroproof non alcoholic tequila for a mocktail version too.

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