Rice & Beans Bowl

Inexpensive and easy, delicious bowl of nourishment.

Sprouted organic rice cooked in #bonebroth in the #instantpot + organic dried black beans soaked overnight in @berkey_filters filtered water and a splash of @bragglivefoodproducts #applecidervinegar. Cooked the beans in the #instantpot also in some fresh filtered water and a few seasonings including cumin and curry. Served both in a bowl with fresh avocado, pink salt, some #traderjoes fermented mango #ambasauce and some quick homemade #tahinisauce.

Tahini Sauce = a couple Tbsp organic tahini, juice of a lemon, one crushed clove of raw garlic, a pinch of salt, and water to thin to desired consistency. So. Much. Yum.

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