Snack Jar for Littles

Little Tiny Snack Jar

These 4 oz @ballcanning mason jars have carried us from homemade first foods to on the go snacks for toddlers and dressings or condiments for restaurant outings for all of us. It’s the perfect size for little hands and small amounts of things.

We had snack on the go so I packed the littles up some of this:

A lot more than you’d think fits in there! Glass is naturally non toxic and environmentally sustainable. I also like limiting plastics as much as possible. We do use the plastic lids for these for ease of use but they don’t really come into contact with the food🙌🏼 Glass isn’t always a great choice especially for on the go but I like giving the little opportunities to use glass responsibly when and where it makes sense. We’ve broken 2 I can remember in over 3 years of regular use.

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