Trash Water

This water is NOT trash💧

I added scraps to it and it became spa water that is so yummy. The tops of strawberries, the peels of a cucumber, and a last sprig of mint that were otherwise all headed for the trash, added a fresh and delicious hint of flavor to this water.

Nearly a year ago we made an investment and bought a @berkey_filters and have water that we feel extra great about drinking, cooking with, and using for DIY personal care and cleaning products. If you’re sick of buying bottled water, want to step up your filter game from a pitcher or sink filtration system, and don’t want to invest 500+ on an installed system, check out Berkey. We love it. Filters out tons of pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, organisms, and more. Can even be used in a crisis to make chlorinated pool water or drain water safe to drink. Filters last for upwards of 5 years. Optional fluoride filter add on too. And does not remove beneficial minerals like a reverse osmosis system would.

Store in a glass container in your refrigerator and enjoy.

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