Turmeric Tea

The easiest and tastiest cup of golden milk latte plus some pretty extra special ingredients making it even more healing and beneficial.

If you’re not familiar with my #alltmegamatcha just know sometimes I make my teas kinda extra. This cup is just warmed pecan milk, raw honey, and a packet of @piquetea Electric Turmeric tea with hot water. Sometimes I add coconut oil, collagen, a teeny pinch of salt, and a bonus dash of Ceylon cinnamon and make this one mega too. This is gonna seem like an ad but I promise it isn’t. I do have an affiliate relationship with Pique but no one is paying me for this post. Which is probably dumb of me. But here it is 😂

I’m loving this one for all the benefits of turmeric plus the added goodness from ginger and Ceylon cinnamon. We talked about it the other day so I felt like taking a picture of this golden cuppa.

A tea for:
Immune Support
Digestion Support
Reducing Inflammation

Supports a healthy response to inflammation
Supports a robust immune system & healthy joint function
Maximized efficacy and supreme absorption
Ayurvedic blend of superior Okinawan turmeric, warming ginger and cinnamon
No added anything – free of preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners

Like all @piquetea this has been screened to ensure there are no contaminants including mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals, or pesticides. I drink a lot of tea and want the most benefit from these medicinal cups of comfort so that’s pretty dang important to me.

Toasted turmeric in just about every savory dish I make. @leefyorganics I’m the regular. This golden cuppa goodness. 5 years ago, I may have never had turmeric in my life. Here I am basically a turmeric nut job. 2020 needs more turmeric.

✨  Have you started adding turmeric to anything yet? Don’t forget to toast it a little when you do.✨

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