A Supplement is NOT a Substitute

CBD can be a support but it’s not going to heal your trauma or fully regulate your nervous system.

Vitamin D drops are a poor replacement for real sunshine and foods like whole raw milk, salmon, sardines, organ meats, and egg yolks.

Omega 3 capsules will never match consuming real seafood like salmon, oysters, and sardines.

Protein powder on the go is not equal to sitting down to a nourishing meal with loved ones.

A multivitamin is no match for a nutrient dense, well balanced diet.

Collagen powder is not equal to gelatinous broths made at home from scraps.

Probiotic capsules or drops are never going to hold a candle to fermented foods and spending time in nature.

Some musings as I’ve been in a season of hard things and finding myself needing extra supports. These are all supplements I personally keep stocked and use as supports. Some seasons require more supports than others. I always aim for the best quality of those supplements, of course. But a supplement is always meant to be just that… a supplement.

Something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole.

The basics and foundational supports need to be the priority.

Implement better sleep boundaries.
Move your body regularly.
Get fresh air and sunshine every day.
Enjoy nature.
Eat nutrient dense, whole foods.
Spend time in safe community.
Have meals around the table with loved ones.
Laugh more.
Less scrolling, less screens.
Cultivate peace.