The Wellness Collective

I’ll not soon get over this event.

If you would have told painfully shy, 7-year old me that I’d speak on a stage in front of 600+ people one day, I’d probably have hid. If you would have told 20 year old me that I’d speak about faith and healthy living I’d have laughed and rolled my eyes.

Even as I sat in this space preparing to get up there and pour pieces of my own heart out to every heart there and watching online, I felt like, what in the world am I doing here? Me? The girl from that trauma filled childhood? The girl that proudly declared her “love” for chemicals and fast food for most of her life? The girl who rejected God for many years?

God? Are you sure? These women have it together more than I do. They have walked with you longer than and maybe even better than I have. What if everyone is “crunchier” than I am? What do I have to offer them?

No one else can sing my song. So I’ll step out in faith and steward my story to the best of my ability. And I pray that it will help someone else.

If you were in that barn or across a screen watching I pray that a piece of my story or what I shared encouraged you in some way. I was so glad encouraged and blessed by each of you.

If you’re reading this now,
The whole world is waiting
No one else can sing your song
You belong

God was and still is writing the story of my life. Thank you for being a part of it. You are loved. He is good.

What an honor to speak alongside @alisachilders and and to be in worship lead by @francescamusic Thank you so much to the hearts behind @thewellnesscollectiveevent – @usedtobeafashionblogger@skiesofparchmentblog and @rosannawitmer for trusting me with a microphone and for weaving such a special event together. Soli Deo Gloria