3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home ALLT

Anyone, anywhere, any time. We can make our homes healthier instantly and easily and without breaking the bank.

For those wondering if feet can be as gross as shoes: my answer is … heck to the no. Unless your bare feet are also traipsing through public spaces, public restrooms, businesses, restaurants, offices, and the like all day long. And unless your bare feet are themselves also made out of petroleum byproducts and other toxic materials. I think some of y’all are confusing dirt with toxins. Dirt is not the concern here. Dirt can have health benefits, even. We do not fear dirt here.

  1. Open you doors and windows at least a little bit each day. Let the trapped and more polluted air out and less polluted air in.
  2. Stop wearing shoes inside. Shoes have a lotta POOP on them. In some studies the new shoes worn during the study alone had more poop than toilet seats. In addition to poop, shoes bring things like pesticides, VOC’s, petrochemicals, and more into your home and pollute the air.
  3. Invite less things into your home that contribute to poor air quality. Cleaning products, personal care products, cooking materials, etc.