6 Easy First Steps

There’s no one way to start living life with less toxins. There’s no right way to begin. I do realize that sometimes we still just want some guidance and instruction to help us get started. One of my favorite people on the interwebs, @purelyparsons, and I have teamed up to give you our collective top 6 ways to start to live a less toxin laden life. Elizabeth is an RN with an extensive understanding of health and wellness with vast medical knowledge and training to boot. Here’s our collective “get started” list.

1. Begin to get informed. Determine why reducing toxins matters to you. Once you have a “why,” the changes will feel empowering and less burdensome. You don’t need to know everything right away or ever fully. Just start learning.

2. Read ingredients. On everything. Just start reading what’s in the things you eat and use. It may alarm you. It will enlighten you.

3. Start where you are with what you understand and what you have. It’s not sustainable for most people to do a compete overhaul overnight. Just start where you are right now and the next thing that empties or wears out, replace with something less toxic. Then just keep doing that.

4. Drink clean water. Quality water is so beneficial to our health and well being. Our water supply is heavily tainted with heavy metals and toxins, so if you are able to invest in a good filter, do it!

5. Go through your home and eliminate toxic cleaners. If it has an overwhelming smell (like when you stroll down the laundry or cleaning aisle at the grocery store and your senses get assaulted), it’s likely toxic. This is a switch that can actually *SAVE* you money, because you can use inexpensive things you likely have already, like vinegar and lemon, or if you prefer to buy, a lot of non toxic cleaners are concentrated, therefore more affordable overall.

6. Take this journey one day at a time and don’t compare your starting line to someone else’s victory lap. Each person has individual circumstances and resources. Don’t get overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time and know for certain you are changing the trajectory of your life and your family’s life. And ours.