A Little Less Toxic Mother’s Day

Based on all your input, I gathered as many items and brands as I could. I’ll tag below and list discount codes if I have them. There are links to many in my bio link and I included swipe ups to these in my Mother’s Day Highlight as well. Other fun ideas are linked in my Amazon shop too including silk pillowcases, appliances, cookware, water bottles…

💐 @piquetea highest quality teas and matcha triple screened for toxins ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC
💐. @primallypure high end bath and body line with the best ingredients ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC10
💐. @hukitchen pure and yummy chocolates ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC
💐. @mamasingmysong one of a kind songs written and sung for someone based on your input. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received. ✨ Discount Code through 5/10/20 SHAWNA10
💐. @branchbasics effective cleaning for the whole home in one kit ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC
💐. @growfragrance the only air freshener allowed in this home ✨ Link in bio for 2 for $20
💐. @kion purest coffee plus bars and supplements ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC
💐. @bluecornbeeswax candles that actually help clean the air
💐. @cannovia_cbd for immune, sleep, pain, anxiety support and more. 50% off CBD oils and bev powders right now and ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC for the rest
💐. @madebymary hand stamped jewelry
💐. @fontanacandlecompany beeswax and essential oil candles for air cleaning candles with scent ✨ Discount Code: LESSTOXIC15
💐. @aleaviaskincare cleansers that help heal skin and maintain proper microbiome balance ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC
💐. @felixdesignofficial gift card or a salon local to you that’s committed to using safer products. Something to look forward to!
💐. @alterecosf better ingredients chocolates
💐. @thefarmacieshop for body, beauty, and more. Paulina only stocks non toxic goodness.
💐. @leefyorganics tincture for pain relief, immune support, anti inflammation ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC
💐. @redmondrealsalt purest and highest quality salts, seasonings, and body care products. ✨ Discount Code: ALITTLELESSTOXIC
💐. @just.ingredients serums, scrubs, balms, and deodorants that work and have the best of ingredients.