ALLT Tips for Bee Stings

My family has had more than our fair share of bee sting situations as you’re probably aware by now. Ezekiel tends to swell more than may be common and its usually three days of ouch and yikes. If it’s his foot, that means no shoes or walking for a couple days or so. We monitor him more closely because of this and he has not shown any signs of anaphylaxis so we’ve been able to manage treatment at home and these tips helps a whole lot. They’re helping me as I stepped on a bee again myself, just yesterday.

One thing I didn’t mention that may be helpful is to draw a line on the skin with pen or sharpie at the edge of the red area if it seems to be increasing to monitor spread. This can help with monitoring other bites, stings, and potential infections too.

🐝 More helpful tips:
• Bear Roots Homestead drawing salve
• Epsom salt soaks
• Honey
• Apis or Ledum homeopathy. I love Ollois Homeopathy
• Plantain spit poultice

⚠️ Wasp venom is more neutral than bee venom which tends to be a bit acidic. Wasp venom is a more alkaline form of phosphatase. Bee venom contains an acidic form of the same compound. Wasp stings tend to require an acid like vinegar or lemon juice to help neutralize the venom.

Obviously this isn’t medical advice. As always, I’m sharing what I do in case it may be helpful for you. Always use your own best judgment. You’ve got this.