Autoimmune Disease Blame

Well knock me over with a feather. This isn’t news. But it is refreshing to see some news outlets sharing this information every now and then. The “Western Diet” is also known as the “Standard American Diet” (SAD). The article goes on to include that “Today, an estimated 24 million Americans — nearly 7% of the population — suffer from one of this group of illnesses, according to the US National Institutes of Health.” 7% has got to be way below the actual amount. How many people do you know with at least one diagnosed autoimmune illness? How many more not yet diagnosed?

The Big Food, Big Ag experiment we’ve all been enrolled in without our consent is a big problem. Many will spend their time, energy, and resources trying to convince you that there’s nothing wrong with the manufactured food-like products most of us came to accept as nourishment in the last few decades. They’re naive, misled, under the spell, experiencing cognitive dissonance, or flat out lying and manipulating.

You are not an anecdote. When you change your diet to whole, nourishing foods and feel massive change in your overall health, that’s not all in your head. It’s not a timely coincidence. Changing what I use in, on, and around my body completely turned my life around. It has for so many of you. Keep singing it from the rooftops. Someone else will hear your song and give it a try and find more health and more freedom to live, love, and serve well.

Industry will continue to try and get your dollars and keep you hooked. We won’t be held captive to that nonsense.