Bacteria Is Not The Bad Guy

Microbiome = microbial (microscopic organisms) + biome (community)

These communities of tiny organisms, when properly balanced, serve and protect, rather than harm us. Bacteria play critical roles in the function of virtually every system of the body. Studies continue to emerge showing the importance of the microbiome in bodily processes including the immune, circulatory, digestive, neuroendocrine, musculoskeletal, excretory, and many other systems. Diverse communities of microbes are at work in the digestive tract, on the skin, in the mouth, and in the urigenital organs. They help to digest food, supply essential nutrients, stimulate and support immune function, fend off pathogenic microbes, promote nerve function, synthesize vitamins, protect the gut, and more.

When we talk about nourishing, feeding, or fueling our bodies, we need to consider how we’re supporting not just our cells, but the cells of these essential microorganisms. An imbalanced microbiome can contribute to poor immune function, inflammatory reactions, mental health, and more. It’s called dysbiosis. Dys (bad)+ Bio (life) + Sis (condition). An imbalance or maladaptation of the microbiome in the body.

Some ways to support the balance of your body’s microbiome:

🦠 Eat a diverse range of whole foods.
🦠 Incorporate fermented foods like traditionally prepared sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, etc.
🦠 Consume prebiotic foods like artichoke, banana, apple, asparagus, and matcha.
🦠 Limit intake of artificial sweeteners including aspartame.
🦠 Eat lots of plants.
🦠 Enjoy quality polyphenol rich foods like green tea, olive oil, and dark chocolate (also a fermented food 🤯)
🦠 Opt for hand washing when possible and use sanitizers or wipes free of triclosan when soap isn’t an option.
🦠 Use cleaning products that work without compromising your health. Some faves are DIY, @bonamiclean and @branchbasics (code: alittlelesstoxic to save)
🦠 Reserve antibiotics for times of true need.
🦠 Use soaps that support the balance of microbes on your skin like @aleaviaskincare (code: alittlelesstoxic to save)
🦠 Spend time in nature.
🦠 Drink plenty of good water.
🦠 Get good rest 😂