Water keeps us alive. We cannot live without it. Most of us are not drinking as much as would best benefit us. Still, if we drink too much water in a short enough period of time, the most pure water is lethal.

Balance is so essential for health and wellness.

If worry and fear about toxicants and toxins consume our minds, that, in my opinion, is far more toxic than anything we could consume.

My boundary line for living #alittelesstoxic has shifted during different seasons and has evolved over time as I’ve gained new insight. What I choose to use in, on, and around my home and body won’t ever look exactly like anyone else because my circumstances, understanding, resources, priorities, and preferences aren’t exactly like anyone else’s.

Try not to become immobilized by the conflicting info out there. Pick virtually any topic and it’s likely you can find two or more very opposing stances on it; meat, consuming lots of plants, eggs, kale, this purifier vs that one, these essential oils vs those, fasting, stevia, cast iron pans, grains, butter, the sun, … seriously. Anything and everything. No matter what I share, there’s usually someone coming into my DMs or in the comments to inform me that it’s actually poisoning me or somehow not the right choice for me. 😅 😂 🙈.

Hear me out, I remain open to learning new information and aim to be ready to make any shift I need to as needed. I learn so much from you! I LOVE LEARNING. The only thing I know to be unwavering, unchanging, never failing, and fully reliable is my Jesus. Everything else I hold with an open hand and a grateful heart.

Do the best you can, with what you’re able, and as it makes sense for you. Keep learning. Keep growing. Be proud of the changes you’ve made. Celebrate your victories. Don’t let fear be the boss of you. Protect your peace and find your balance.