When talking about the impacts of inflammation and gut health, many of you want to know where to start. Many also want a one step approach. A quick fix. A cure-all supplement or one size fits all method.

I’m not totally sorry to say that doesn’t exist. I’m not sorry because if it did, it would dilute your uniqueness. I don’t even know if I wish it were easy. If it were easy to fix, maybe we wouldn’t care as much about preventing it from happening again. Maybe we wouldn’t see as much urgency in addressing the problem.

Healing takes time, effort, and dedication. Repairing damage to the gut and reducing inflammation is a journey. One that requires a multifaceted approach that is, in many ways, unique to you. You are one of a kind and your experiences, genetics, exposures, responses, tolerances, abilities, and circumstances will all play a role in your unique process and steps toward healing.

If I were to give you a quick fix, even if it did something amazing, it would only be temporary. Until you determine what has contributed to your individual areas that require attention, you’ll continue to invite and allow that which is injuring. The enemies to your health must be slowed and stopped before true healing can begin or develop.

If you slap a bandaid on your brokenness without healing, it’s just a bandage and it’s keeping you in bondage to your trauma, your pain, your suffering.

There are many tools I’ll continue to share here that have helped me. Many might help you too. As @just.ingredients says, you don’t fight a forest fire with one hose. We’ve got to address the issues from multiple angles.

Healing of any kind takes work. Discovery, acknowledgment, treatment, commitment. You’re worth it. It’s worth it.