Beauty In This

In times of uncertainty, there is so much I am certain of. One of those things is that there is hope and beauty to be found if I have eyes to see it. I shared this over the weekend but feel it needs a permanent space right here.

I’m so grateful for the nudge to share more publicly what I’ve been doing for myself and my family. This month marks 7 years on my less toxic journey. Im glad I stepped out and started sharing on Instagram these ideas and methods a year an a half ago. Choosing to learn about health and impacts of things that can be toxic has had implications much further and wider than I’d ever imagined. It has caused me to learn to build my immunity and stabilize my health. It has spurred me to learn to do things on my own and from scratch. It has awakened so much creativity and ability I didn’t know I had. It has enabled me to be more self sustainable and equipped.

This journey is unfolding more each day. I’m so grateful to be on it with you. And I’m so blown away, humbled, and amazed by how this small space in your big life has maybe helped prepare you, too, for such a time as this.

We will unite with ideas, support, and encouragement. We will grow stronger. We will hold fast to truth in an uncertain time. We will cook more and love better and maybe do a little less. And that can be a very good thing.

Slow the onslaught of info. Choose faith over fear, truth over chatter, and love over lament. Pause. Look. Listen. There is so much good to be found.