Being Proactive

I feel a strong shift. Since the dawn of time, there has always been a movement for true health. With the explosion in modern medicine, it may have long seemed nonexistent, but it’s always been there. It’s making its face known more once again. There’s a movement gaining speed in the health professional world. Many are breaking away from quieting symptoms and coming together with those they took an oath for, to track down and address the root cause of those symptoms. There are many who have spent years studying and applying their knowledge. Who have treated and worked with untold numbers to help empower their clients and patients. Who have given of their time, money, energy, and selves to help others.

I am fortunate enough to know many such individuals. Many share their experience and wisdom freely in spaces like this one and others. Many are lighting my fire, paving the way for more willing to speak truth even when their voice shakes, and giving many of us hope for the future of healthcare.

They encourage each of us to understand our bio-individuality. They challenge us to ask good questions. They many times empower us to seek out a second opinion or a healthcare provider more willing to think critically.

I take care of my car and try and keep it from breaking down. When it needs repair, I seek out a professional. I would not choose one who only masks the problem. I want the cause of the issue addressed.

How much moreso should I care for the vessel my soul resides in? I don’t have to know everything about all the things to learn something new and apply it. I don’t have to have a degree in some facet of biology to support my body. I don’t have to be a medical expert to be an expert in … me.

No one knows your health history better than you. No one can make you take care of you. No one can take your place if you’re incapacitated or no longer here. Only you.

You’re here for a reason. You have been crafted and designed and equipped for good purposes.

You don’t have to be a pro to be proactive.

Becoming proactive is about feeling your best and living with more freedom so that you are more enabled to fulfill your unique calling.