Bon Ami and Why

Those other store bought powdered cleansers … swap them for this. Bon Ami. Just as low cost and easy to find and works just as well but SO much more #alittlelesstoxic

I have a couple others I’ve been testing out and a couple I love but get those online. I know a lot of people want something they can grab at the local big box store or market. This is it. I’ve seen it at target, Walmart, several supermarkets, etc and also on amazon and thrive market.

Comet, Ajax, and Barkeepers all rate an F on the EWG site with less than healthy ingredients and they all irritate my skin and lungs. This is the ALLT alternative I believe belongs in every home.

Other places I use it:
✨ Stainless pots and pans
✨ tubs
✨ sinks
✨ tile
✨ glass bakeware
✨ ceramic bakeware
✨ counters
✨ grout
✨ stove tops
✨ oven
✨ faucets and other fixtures
✨ and more


Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) – CAS# 1317-65-3
Feldspar Powder – CAS# 68476-25-5
Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) – CAS# 497-19-8
Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) – CAS# 144-55-8
C10-C16 Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (Surfactant) – CAS# 68584-22-5

Not sponsored in any way. Just a big fan.