Bottom Line

They’re interested in their own bottom line. 💵 💵 💵

We have to start to realize this. I’m feeling a shift in both of these broken systems. Because many are becoming aware of this. And because the dollar moves the line. Our dollars make a difference. We have power.

We also have the power to choose. We get to choose our health care team. We have access to an unlimited supply of information which, while that can be completely overwhelming, can be empowering. We get to choose what we put on, in, and around our bodies to the best of our abilities. Our choices are reshaping our world for us right now and for the future.

As you increase in understanding on your own wellness journey and as you advocate for yourself, remember to follow that dollar as you go. Who funded the studies? Who has what to gain by any given claim? And remember your dollar is a powerful vote.

✨ Food and healthcare should be holding hands for our benefit. Until they do, you and I can hold hands with each other and fight for true health. ✨