Boundaries That Create Freedom

We were never intended to fear food. To restrict. To be burdened by health complications caused by or worsened by toxins polluting our bodies from what we eat and use. Choosing well isn’t for bondage. It is for our freedom. Freedom to and live and be more well!

✨ Able doesn’t equal ought. ✨

Being able to survive off 4 hours of sleep impedes on the more lasting and truer freedom of sustained energy and greater health and mental clarity over time.

Being able to eat food-like products, frankenfoods, and highly processed foods, without immediate consequence can lead to us being held captive by illness, fatigue, pain, and other ailments.

The same is true for just about any other thing we allow. Even if we don’t feel a negative impact at first, the effects compound over time. We may not even be able to connect the dots as many symptoms began as faint whispers we dismissed for ignored.

Sometimes a well placed “no” makes room for a much better “yes.”

Many times those moments of perceived freedom lead to more unintended bondage.

Many times those little comforts lead to longer and deeper discomforts.

When we set healthy boundaries for ourselves, it’s a way to care for ourselves now and in the long term. It’s a way to be accountable for ourselves. A way to take responsibility for our whole wellness. A way to give ourselves more freedoms and abilities.

We can create personal and healthy boundaries for ourselves. Not to restrict, but to free us. To feel well. To live well. To serve well.