Candle Swap

🕯 I was a scented candle girl for a very long time. I stopped lighting them when I began to understand they could be toxic. Now when I am in a home where they are burning, I can hardly believe how sensitive I am to them! I had grown accustomed to the damage.

🕯 Regular candles made of paraffin are petroleum derived and can release chemicals into the air you breath. Chemicals like benzene, toluene, soot. Soy candles are most often no better. Synthetic fragrance makes these extra toxic. These types of candles pollute the air in your home and can lead to a host of issues.

🕯 Pure Beeswax Candles on the other hand burn with almost no smoke or scent and clean the air by releasing negative ions into the air. These negative ions can bind with toxins and help remove them from the air.

🕯 Beeswax candles are often especially helpful for those with asthma or allergies and they are effective at removing common allergens like dust and dander from the air. Beeswax candles also burn more slowly than paraffin candles so they last much longer. @bluecornbeeswax is a great brand! There are some other great options like Fontana candles, Primally Pure just released amazing candles, also on amazon or online or even at your local farmers market.