Caring For Your Body

Not an exhaustive list. We’re already exhausted, bruh. Just a few things I know you can pick something from to incorporate right now. Or tonight. Or tomorrow. And any day and lots of days. And it will make a difference.

I believe we are collectively coming out the other end of some significant trauma. The last three years took a toll no matter where you stood and no matter how well you believe you processed. The ripple effect persists and while many things are not directly related, they have to be processed on top or or alongside. It’s compounding the challenges. I can think of very few people in my life not experiencing major change, walking through tremendous loss, and navigating various traumas. I talk to so many of you daily and you confirmed again today, this is not an isolated issue.

Mind + Body + Soul. They’re intertwined.

We’re not done walking through tough things or processing and recovering from past things. We’re doing hard things. Courageously. We would be wise to take a little extra care of ourselves as we do. Recovery builds resilience.

Rest belongs on this list but I ran out of room and didn’t want to remove any of the others or start a second list. These things may be part of your rest and recovery. But make sure you prioritize your sleep a little bit too. Trust me, I know we can’t all be getting 8+ uninterrupted hours. Bruh. I KNOW. But we can put our phones away a little earlier. Read instead of stare at a screen, make our bedrooms a little more peaceful, not have a bunch of sugar before bed, limit caffeine after whatever o’clock, and set ourselves up for better sleep during the time we do get to shut off. Whatever that looks like for you in this season. Do something to help make sleep a better time of rest and recovery. Maybe better sleep gets it’s own post one of these upcoming days… TBD