Change is Hard.

This applies to so much. Having a life that is #alittlelesstoxic is about all the things. Just not all at once. It’s about not burning out because of striving. It’s continually allowing ourselves to learn and grow and change. It’s dealing with some temporary discomfort to make way for more balance. More wellness. More healing. More peace. More joy. More … life.

Cutting out some favorite food items is hard. Keeping them when they are causing slow and sometimes silent damage to our bodies is harder.

Reading labels is hard. Accepting chemicals and toxins into our systems regularly leads to chronic illness of various types and that is harder.

Setting boundaries in relationships and with ourselves is hard. Continuing in the same patterns that prevent healing or further damage is harder.

Moving our bodies is hard. Allowing them to become stagnant is harder.

Creating space for the things that bring real healing and joy is hard. Putting it off is harder.

What’s something challenging you are learning to do to make your life more manageable in the long run? Keep doing it. You’re worth it.