Change The World

Going along with what may be considered the norm, will never change the status quo.

Many times, the only remaining act of rebellion is to do the right thing.

I have no intention of being a rebel. It actually is the opposite of my very nature to go against the grain. There are some things worth risking it for.

✨ Here are a few rebellious acts I feel called to live out:

🌱 Be a good neighbor.
🌱 Be a good steward of my body.
🌱 Eat real food.
🌱 Share truth.
🌱 Give freely.
🌱 Feed my family nourishing foods.
🌱 Look for root cause instead of shutting up symptoms.
🌱 Be open to follow truth no matter where it leads me.
🌱 Vote with my dollars for a changed food system.
🌱 Set boundaries so that I’m freed up to serve better.
🌱 Talk about important things.
🌱 Seek to understand, not just listen while waiting for my 🌱 chance to respond.
🌱 Listen to the stories of others even when they believe differently than I do.
🌱 Read ingredients. On everything.
🌱 Ask questions.
🌱 Advocate for my own health.
🌱 Pray.
🌱 Read my Bible.
🌱 Seek wisdom over knowledge.
🌱 Seek goodness over acceptance.
🌱 Unify with people over common goals.
🌱 Forgive freely.
🌱 Be me.

I am just one individual. I can’t change the whole world. But I can change mine. And when I do I can impact others. I can empower and encourage those I come in contact with. Then they go on to do the same for themselves and others. The ripple effect is real. We are a team when we unite over things that matter. We have tremendous power when we join forces. When we bravely step out and go against the grain. Even when it seems small or silly or meaningless. When we go against the norm for that which is good, it’s noticed. It makes a difference. When more unify over these things, we change them. One penny. One bite. One conversation. One label. One day. One step. One moment at a time. Being unlike the world because we have the power to make it a better one.