The changes were making today may not feel significant. Maybe they do. It may feel impossible or overwhelming. In a year from now we will look back and see so much is different. In 5 years we’ll reflect and see so much change in us. In our families. In our lives.

What changes do you want to look back and see?

Day by day it might not feel like much but it truly is a big deal. Adding that vegetable to your recipe. Finding a healthier alternative for that condiment. Swapping that deodorant when it runs out. Choosing a glass of water instead. Taking that hike. Taking that screen break. Making that product swap. Learning that old time method of food preparation. Stewing that boundary. Reading that book. Breaking that pattern.

I hope you’re celebrating your work. It may not feel like it’s changing much, but it is. For you. For us. For them. I’m so looking forward to looking back on now with you and seeing how much we’ve changed. Together.

🎉 Can we celebrate you a bit? Share something in the comments you’ve done, no matter how small it seems, that is making your life #alittlelesstoxic  🎉