Chronic Illness

Common doesn’t mean normal. Yet I hardly know anyone in their 20’s even without some form of chronic illness. I reject the idea that most people will just have to learn to accept and live with chronic health issues even at young ages. Something ain’t right.

Could it be the food? The pharmaceutical interventions? The water? The air? Loss of connection with nature? Better diagnostics? Symptom whack-a-mole versus root cause investigation? Other?

Does any one thing play a more significant role than others? We don’t know. We just don’t. We know that all of these things and more do have significant impact. In my opinion, the combination of this all is not to be ignored. Who is studying the complex and cumulative impact of all of this occurring at once? Who’s adding up the effects of:

✨ The water having more toxicants than any time in history
✨ The soil experiencing nutrient depletion
✨ The food being grown in nutrient depleted soil
✨ The food being made in labs and factories more than in homes
✨ The food being grown with more pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides than ever before
✨ The meat being raised indoors and in extremely crowded and diseased living environments
✨ The toxicants in the air that outnumber any time in recorded history
✨ The medications and their interactions with the body and all the other things listed above. Or the medications to manage the side effects of those medications
✨ Electromagnetic frequencies
✨ Antibiotic use in the food, in the people, and on all the surfaces so much of the time
✨ Hands and feet having lower contact with the earth than ever before
✨ Screen time
✨ High level stress trying to keep up with all of the ever growing demands

Are those studies even possible? Are they necessary to show us this is contributing to the ever growing number of people battling chronic illness?

I chose to set down complacency and I did not pick up fear in its place. I choose to mitigate what I can when I can and let go of the rest. A little less toxic and a little more true health and freedom. All the small things add up. For our health or for our hindrance. We are the change. 🙏🏼

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