Ctrl +ALLT+delete

BTDubs, ALLT = A Little Less Toxic
I’ll get a DM every few days or so with someone having a lightbulb moment telling me they JUST realized what ALLT stands for.

The credit for this ctrl+ALLT+del connection goes to @jannyorganically who wrote me a bazillion moons ago like, why have you not used ctrl+ALLT+del yet?! … because I hadn’t thought of it, you amazing genius, that’s why. But then I made a graphic and never posted it. Because … I don’t really know. So here this is and I hope it’s helpful.

Living #alittlelesstoxic is a journey. It’s one that we must actively participate in. Each of us is currently participating in our health, whether conscious of that or not. For our betterment or for our demise. Without being intentional, it’s most likely that we are inviting and permitting things that deteriorate parts of us.

We can take more control over our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. We can make informed decisions and make choices, within our means, that are less toxic. We can remove many things that are harmful and problematic. Thoughts, relationships, activities, products, food items, behaviors, habits, media, materials, …

This will look different for everyone. Many things are free like more healthy relational boundaries, going to bed a little earlier, getting out in nature a little more, prayer, gratitude lists, moving your bod more, less screens, and so many others. It’s often those free things that make the biggest impact too. We all have challenges and barriers. Don’t let those keep you from doing what you can, with what you’re able, and as it makes sense for you.