Y’all, I don’t even agree with the man I love and respect most in this world on all the things all the time. Sometimes even BIG things that matter deeply to either of us, we aren’t always on the exact same page about. Listen to me – I found DayQuil in his car once and he may as well in that moment have been unfaithful. I was HURT. That’s ridiculous, I know it, but it happened.

Not everyone in the world is going to agree with you on everything. Truly, NO ONE WILL.

We can have different convictions, different ideas, and opinions. Even on things that matter deeply to us. We don’t grow by surrendering to think & act just like everyone else. We don’t mature while silencing every voice we disagree with. We can’t force others to feel like we do.

I make the choices I do based on my current understanding and I do my best to remain willing to learn and grow and shift along the way. My choices will not always be understood or appreciated. That’s not why I choose what I do for me and for my family anyway.

Experience, opportunity, ability, understanding, conviction, discernment, wisdom, accountability, counsel, instinct, and other important assets influence choices. I will always be a little different than everyone else. We all will. It’s more than okay.

It. Is. Good.

I am not here to cast shame or judgment at anyone else on this journey. Even my husband, bless him. There’s not one person on earth I fully agree with on every single thing. We don’t have to be the same to do good together.

There’s no community without unity.

I bet we’re all created uniquely on purpose. We’re different by design. If we were all the exact same, would we even need each other? Differences can draw us together & help us all grow and thrive if we let them.

I wouldn’t even agree with MYSELF on many things if I went back in time 10 years. Old Shawna one time actually said, “I love chemicals!” Bless me. Good thing I didn’t cut myself off 😅

Let’s keep growing. Together🙏🏼