DIY Cleaning Kit

A friend recently told me her husband wasn’t on board with less toxic cleaning products because he wanted the house to be actually “clean.” What’s your definition of “clean?” To me it used to be sanitized and fragranced like lemons or pine or “ocean.” Turns out that sanitized and coated with synthetic fragrance is the opposite of clean and actually harmful to our health. Marketing has lied to us and we face many consequences of that. It’s hard to unlearn things like suds mean clean, we should kill 99+ percent of bacteria, or that a “fresh scent” created in a lab is equivalent to clean. But it’s important we break free from the trap of those marketing ploys.

We can have actually clean homes without polluting our surfaces, our air, our lungs,and our bodies.

You likely have everything needed to clean your home efficiently without adding toxic conditions to your home and polluting your indoor air.

One of the very first things I did when aiming to make my life and home #alittlelesstoxic was to start making my own cleaners. I found it to be very fun for me and I found them to work very well too. It was super budget friendly and started saving us money which was also helpful and got Damien on board. I have shown all of these here many times and have it all saved to my “Cleaning” highlights and on the feed but it’s been a bit and I wanted to make a one stop shop for you too.

You can find all these recipes and more inside my book, A Healthier Home.