Do What You Can

Stress is toxic. Worry does not serve us. We can aim to have a less toxic life and more wellness without becoming burdened. That’s the goal here.

That’s why it’s #alittlelesstoxic and not some version of toxin free this or that. I don’t believe it’s even possible to be completely free of toxins even in a more pure environment. Toxins are part of life. That’s why our bodies are designed with ways to naturally detox and eliminate contaminants.

The aim here is to become more aware of toxins that can be reduced, limited, or eliminated and make informed choices that are for our good. The goal is to be more free from toxic burden and we will not achieve that by becoming more stressed or worried about the toxins in our environment and the things we simply can not control.

We’re each on a personal and unique journey. What someone else may be able to do right now might not work for you. At least not right now. Maybe not ever. That’s OKAY. Comparison is a thief of joy. On your personal journey to more wellness you can be in this space with me, with all of us, and you can find more health and limit toxins in a way that makes sense for your unique set of circumstances. We can all lift each other up and celebrate our growth and victories. This space is about community and it’s about support.

Don’t take on more than you can sustain. Don’t overdo it then give up. Try not to become overwhelmed. Just do what you can, with what you’re able, and as it makes sense for you in this season of your life. You’re doing a good work. Keep it up. ✨Just. Keep. Growing.✨