Dry Brushing

I’ve had this little brush for over a decade. I sometimes forget how powerful it is. The practice of dry brushing has many benefits, including:

✨ Helps detoxify the body by promoting lymph flow & drainage. Many lymph systems are just below the skin
✨ Exfoliates dry skin
✨ Increases and supports blood circulation
✨ Improves immune function
✨ Can improve muscle tone
✨ Unclogs pores and can even reduce pore size (use a much gentler brush on your face)
✨ Stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward
✨ Many claim to have reduction or elimination of cellulite
✨ Can reduce inflammation
✨ Energizing

Pick a natural bristle brush with firm bristles for your body. Soft bristles for your face. Brush before bathing or showering. Start at bottoms of feet and palms of hands and use gentle brushes in long strokes. Repeat in each area several times. Work always toward your heart. You can use a clockwise circular pattern in your underarms and on your tummy. Best to do in the morning or daytime as it can be very stimulating and keep you awake.

This one isn’t made anymore but I’ve linked a couple I think are great and even better than this in my amazon shop and what I’ll use to replace this if it ever wears out.