Dry Skin

Healthy skin starts within. A topical treatment can only do so much when the gut is imbalanced and in distress. Topical support can be so beneficial while also giving attention to the microbiome and the gut. I started this post for you and…

Oh my word.

I can’t stop adding to it. I wanted to create a little resource for you to help with dry skin in the winter or any time. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I did try to make it comprehensive! It is a collection of my favorite things for skin health including what’s been so helpful for me and this little family I serve and our skin. I’ve been at this one for weeks and I just keep adding things that may be helpful. I will likely break this down into chunks later on and talk more in depth about separate slides/areas/topics. But here this is all in one place. I’ll share some in stories as soon as I’m able and over the next few days and forever.

Tap any slide for brand and product recommendations and I’ll link them in stories later. Check my bio link or my discount highlight bubble for links and savings. I’m adding a bit more today as soon as I’m able.

Here are a few accounts I absolutely love that champion skin health from the inside out: