Epsom Soaks

An absolute favorite in this home. Epsom Salt, or Magnesium Sulfate, is added to every bath we take here. There are many reported health benefits of adding a cup or two of this stuff to a tub for a nice long soak. A foot soak can be made if a bathtub is not accessible. We find ourselves reaping some of these benefits when we add Epsom to our bath time.

Magnesium Sulfate soaks have been reported to:
✨ boost internal magnesium levels
✨ assist the body in toxin elimination
✨ lower stress levels
✨ reduce pain and inflammation
✨ relax muscles
✨ soothe itchy and irritated skin
✨ improve skin barrier function
✨ reduce muscle aches
✨ improve quality of sleep
✨ soothe achy joints
✨ decrease risk of some chronic diseases
And more.

Magnesium Sulfate can aid in absorption of magnesium which is a wonderful thing as the vast majority of people are magnesium deficient. Some may be absorbed transdermally and in effect help increase the body’s level of this critically important mineral. Magnesium plays a role in many of the body’s important functions including muscle control, enzyme regulation, detoxing, energy production, and electrical impulses.

Adding it to a soak has also been shown to improve skin barrier function which can help relieve irritation, increase skin moisture, improve skin health, and reduce some symptoms of skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema.

Sometimes we’re fancy and use Magnesium Flakes (magnesium chloride). We use that more sparingly as it is more expensive but it may increase the benefits listed above because of its magnesium content and greater ability to be absorbed transdermally. I refill a container we keep by the tub with this 19 lb bag to save $.

An important note: there is no one size fits all anything outside of Jesus. There are those who do not find these benefits and some who even become ill when using compounds containing sulfur, like Epsom salts and even magnesium chloride. Those with a CBS genetic mutation may find themselves in the group that does not tolerate Epsom soaks. If you get nauseated or experience negative effects after an Epsom soak, that is something to consider.