Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Fail to plan, plan to fail? Is this true for you? I’m personally much more likely to put wholesome balanced meals together for us when I do a little planning and a little prep work. I’ll list a few methods that work for me. Maybe one or a couple can help you in your daily juggle too. Maybe you already do some of these. Maybe you can add to this list.

  • Make a dinner meal plan each week for at least 5 meals at home.
  • Shop for those meals and any pantry staples running low.
  • #primenow is my friend if I can’t get to a store
  • Cook once, eat twice whenever possible
  • Use fresh ingredients as much as possible
  • Type up family favorites and pop them in a sheet protector in a 3 ring binder to make again as soon as possible
  • Chop, mix, or prep anything that can be done in advance the night before, the morning of, or any stolen moment of the day. Every moment saved adds up.
  • Keep it simple. Fun recipes are great but not necessary. Especially not every night. A roasted chicken and veggies can be served a myriad of different ways.
  • Leftovers are your friend. Repeat or make it new with a couple changes. Serve over sprouted rice or as a salad. A sauce can make most things new 😉
  • Plan meals as fuel. Protein, vitamins, fiber, minerals… We’d never put gas-like liquid in our cars. But we’re quick to put food-like products in our “tanks.” Thinking of food as my fuel helps me enjoy real food more.
  • Less items that have a long ingredients list. Let good be the ingredients.
  • Soup. Throw stuff in a pot. Feed many for multiple days.
  • Special tools aren’t necessary but can make a huge difference if you have them. A slow cooker or instant pot can be such a help! Shred chicken with a hand mixer. An immersion blender for potato mashing or creamy soups. A powerful blender for so many things.
  • A few proper tools like a silicone spoonula 🙌🏼
  • Have fun! Food is fuel and were SO fortunate to get to experience it in such yummy flavors, colors, textures, and creative ways.