Fed Does Not Mean Nourished

A full belly doesn’t typically mean a well fed body in today’s culture. It’s time to have a better way of understanding the role food plays in health. It’s time to start seeing food as delicious and complex fuel for every cell of the body.

If we could stop celebrating the quantity a child eats and applauding that by calling them “good” for clearing a plate.

If we could shift our view of food and the pervasive diet culture that we collectively applaud. Because having a diet soda instead of something else isn’t the road to health. Deprivation or some form of temporary starvation does not lead to wellness. It more commonly will lead to some type of binge.

If we could begin to see food as it’s intended. Designed to nourish and fuel. If we could start to see whole and pure foods as exciting. When our view of food shifts, it stops feeling like deprivation. Choosing the one the mind craves satisfies temporarily, if at all. It usually leaves us craving more or so full we’re uncomfortable. Selecting the one that truly feeds the body fills, fuels, and satiates. Which one is actually doing the depriving?

We can be more than fed. We can be nourished.

Then we can begin to heal. Begin to find more wellness. Be energized after a meal. Hurt less. Sleep better. Breathe better. Have more freedom to live.