First Aid Kit

Once a year I take a look through my first aid kit and make sure anything expired or unusable is replaced. This is what my current kit contains. I have it in a water resistant, lightweight, but tough case that’s easy to grab and go. It lives nearby and within easy reach at home even though we have a well stocked cabinet. It’s quick to grab and go so we take it on drives, travels, and adventures, hikes, and camping trips.

I have tagged everything I can so you can find the brands or products easily.

Anything I have a discount on is linked in the discount highlight bubble, the discount page on my website, the first aid kit highlight, and in my bio.

All other items can be found in my amazon faves link also in my bio link.

Check my stories today as I’ll link everything there too in case that makes it easier for you.

My goals for the kit are:
🙏🏼 that we are prepared and less panicked in the event of a first aid need or emergency at home or away
🙏🏼 that it is comprehensive but not excessive
🙏🏼 that it is a little less toxic where possible
🙏🏼 that we have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it

This is not all I’d include in an emergency preparedness kit, go-bag, or the like. This is simply a little first aid kit. Some of those other items, though, can also be found in the same links mentioned. 💪🏼