Food is Fuel

Food is powerful.

It’s all these things and more.

Food can promote healing or invite destruction. It can bring people together. It can be an area of fear and struggle. It can be a way to show love. It can unite people… and more.

At its core, food is meant to give us energy and information on a cellular level that allows for our very life. And our Creator made food to be colorful, vibrant, and exciting. I’m continually blown away by this realization. There are no ends to the different flavors and textures that exist in nature and even more when we combine them or prepare them different ways. Don’t even get me started on how seasonal produce has nutritional components that benefit the one consuming for that particular season and the one to come. It’s all just seriously 🤯 … incredible.

In my home and in this space I aim to share that food is something to enjoy and be thankful for and not to fear or have control over us. We celebrate the goodness of God’s creation. We look for balance and avoid heavy restriction or extremism. Food is powerful and a beautiful gift. Whole and real food can be so fun and creative … and friggin’ delicious. We can carry on traditions and relive childhood memories with ingredients that are goodness for the body while we care for the mind and spirit too. I want to bring balance and wholesome nourishment back to the table while keeping the beauty, culture, tradition, celebration, fellowship, and fun alive.

Food was never intended to be something that causes fear. Or division. Or depletion. It is designed for our good. And it is good. So good.