Food Sick

Real food by its very nature is designed to nourish, fuel, restore, and heal. Down to the cellular level of our bodies. Whole and real food does not make us sick. Food can be a form of the most powerful medicine, truly.

100 years ago, all food was organic. All food was grown for all people without synthetic pesticides. All animals were raised on pasture and ate more consistent with their natural diets. All animals were exposed to sun, grass, and the elements. No foods had been altered at their basic genetic structure.

All this change has occurred in a relatively short amount of time. We are the experiment. The soil is contaminated, the animals are sick, produce is greatly lacking in the vitamins, minerals, and nutritional value it once had, the air is polluted, the water is polluted from runoff and contamination to groundwater.

It’s a different time. Much has changed. It’s not just the food that’s causing chronic illness to be at an all time high. But food makes a major difference. How it’s produced impacts all elements. What is consumed impacts us. Down to our cells.

The toxic load we face is multifaceted. It contributes to the plague of chronic illness, food sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, cancers and the like on the rise. What we’ve allowed to happen to our food is a major contributing factor.

Our choices have lasting impact. For the current market. For the future of food and the environment. For us. Today and tomorrow. It matters. Your dollars make a difference. Collectively, we’re even more powerful. The tide is shifting as more become aware of these things. We’re making changes. It matters. Keep it up.